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Spring was founded in 2014 by Rafal Nazarewicz, PhD (a sports nutrition scientist, ultra runner, and a health fanatic), and Adam Goleniewski (an entrepreneur, creative and a foodie) with a strong belief that sports nutrition can be made with natural ingredients.

Food is a powerful source of energy and nature does not need to be corrected in a laboratory. We took what is offered by nature and carefully crafted a line of healthy nutrition products for endurance athletes. We want to bring back the joy of training and racing without GI problems, sugar highs and dips and negative effects of low quality ingredients and chemicals. Driven by science, equipped with vast athletic experience and inspired by passion for a healthy lifestyle, we designed a unique formula for a 100% natural product.


There is a low prevalence of stomach issues in those who use real food to refuel their energy during long runs. With this knowledge and scientific data regarding stomach problems, we created Spring products. Spring is a balanced mixture of different healthy simple and complex carbohydrates, fats, and proteins spiced with micronutrients.

Minimizing sugars and dextrin content normalizes energy levels and excludes dips and spikes in blood sugar. Spring is a blend of healthy ingredients that bring all the benefits of real food in a convenient form packed in a small pouch. On top of it, Spring products taste great, as the ingredients they contain.

With Spring products, there's no need to train your stomach. Your stomach is already familiar with real food! Fuelling with real food is the healthiest and most effective way to manage your nutrition needs during any sports activity!